A Cucumber Cocktail and a Very Green Salad

All this heat is making me want to eat light. Like, without trying. That doesn’t mean skipping out on a cocktail or anything, but a salad for supper seems to satisfy me lately, as long as it is flavorful enough.

A refreshing way to start the evening: a cucumber cocktail. The cucumbers were unwaxed and organic, so I didn’t peel them before pulverizing them in the blender… I will admit the resulting juice looks kryptonite colored.

I strained the juice through a fine mesh strainer to make the liquid clear and smooth. I made these a few days ago with peeled cucumbers and the result was a light-lime color.  I still strained the juice afterwards though, as the texture of pureed cucumbers just doesn’t give me the mouthfeel I’m looking for with a cocktail.

With all the good cucumbers lately we’ve had these several ways, sometimes with gin, and lime, with lemon verbena or lemon thyme syrup, this time we used vodka, lemon juice, a splash of club soda to add just a tiny bit of bitterness, and mint syrup.  The cucumber felt hydrating and the mint added an extra dimension of coolness, a nice ease into a warm evening.

For the Cucumber Mint Cocktail: 

3 oz. cucumber juice, strained over a fine mesh strainer, or with double-lined cheesecloth

1 1/2 oz. vodka

1 TBS mint simple syrup, ( see recipe here)

1 oz. lemon juice

1 oz. club soda

I love how after a good rain the garden explodes. It is fun to go outside the next day and see the difference. Although my summer veggies aren’t quite ready yet, my herbs look pristine and are begging to be used.

I have especially wanted to use up some dill. Since it grows like a weed, I am going to have to find lots of ways to use up it up, or find something to pickle… (Feel free to link me up…)

For the salad, I let some shaved fennel, zucchini and lots of chopped dill sit in some lemon juice and olive oil for a little while and then tossed it with some arugula and parmesan. Delicious, filling and plenty flavorful. It did not leave me wanting, a minor miracle.

25 thoughts on “A Cucumber Cocktail and a Very Green Salad

  1. This is making me want a cocktail before breakfast! Beautiful photos, and I love the look of that gorgeous fennel/zucchini salad – that looks like it just came together very naturally, and that’s the best kind of dish.

  2. I’ve never had a cucumber cocktail before, so I’m going to save this recipe for later in the summer when hopefully we will have some warm days and homegrown cuc’s! And I love the fact it looks like kryptonite in colour 🙂

  3. Oh my, if only for a little of your sunshine and your cucumber cocktail to enjoy, could you do a ‘another cold rainy day, where has our summer gone’ cocktail for me please! Do you grow your own cucmbers, i tried Marketmore last year and they were great.

    • I will – for you and Poppy! These cucumbers were from the farmer’s market, but I have 2 cucumbers climbing up and up and flowering next to some green beans… I saw two new cucumbers magically appear after that rain. I bet your garden loves all your rain. now for sunshine…

      • Oh thankyou so much, that will cheer up both up. Its so exciting growing your own cucumbers etc, one plant produces masses and they taste so much better than buying them, our plants are tiny so far, we had some sunshine today so that should give them some growing power! The garden is loving the rain, it is so so green and the meadow is better than ever, i shall have to do some more photos .

  4. I too love the green that drapes through this post. I’ll be ready for a virgin cucumber mint cocktail when the sun comes out… if ever. The herb salad too… yum. It’s a real treat when satisfaction pays a visit 🙂

  5. Oh wow am I drooling! The dill looks AMAZING! I just recently made a little herb garden on my porch with rosemary, sweet basil, spicy basil, lemon basil, and oregano and sage 🙂
    I wanted to tell you that I tried a drink called the 78704 at the High Ball bar in Austin, and it was made with cucumber infused gin! It was absolutely such a delicious drink for a hot day. The ingredients were: the cucumber gin, basil (I’m thinking lemon basil), lemon, and celery bitters. I have since bought regular bitters, and infused gin with cucumber by letting slices of cucumber sit in it for two days and then straining it..and I am going to try and make that drink at some point! Maybe you would like it too!

    • I bet you love that lemon basil, it is mild enough I have been using mine on everything. I had so much of it, that I made lemon basil pesto last night. The cucumber infused gin drink sounds great, I’m sure I would like it. I have a cucumber plant growing and just got my first one last night-made a cucumber “soda” with it. — lemon verbena syrup and club soda. and a squeeze of lemon + cuke juice. It was really good! I think they are good for your skin to boot… All hail the mighty cucumber!
      Thanks for letting me know about the drink!

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