Farmers’ Market Finds: D’avignon Radishes and Lemon Cucumbers

I never know what I’m going to end up buying at the farmers’ market, there are always unplanned extra purchases. That’s part of the fun of it. I’ll go for salad ingredients and come back with some cheese or zucchini flowers, or radishes I’ve never seen before. It makes me be creative, and at least I have books and the internet to help me out if I get stumped (“…why hello, sunchokes!”).

These d’avignon radishes were an unplanned purchase a few weeks ago, but I loved them so much, I went back for more, and of course got more unplanned purchases, but more on that in a bit…

D’avignon radishes, also known as french breakfast radishes, have a gentler, milder flavor than your typical radish.  I just love that, as radishes have plenty of bite.  It’s my dream radish I didn’t know existed.  The vendor told me where he buys his seeds, incase I ever want to try growing them.

I have been using my plastic asian mandoline a lot lately,  and it was a great fit for thinly slicing the radishes quickly.

Though the radishes are great for munching with a little salt or sprinkled on a salad, these toasts elevated them up a bit. They went great with the creaminess of the crème fraîche.

For the Creamy Radish Toasts:

I mixed a handful of chopped herbs, (thyme, dill and lemon basil) from the herb boxes with the crème fraîche (though greek yogurt or other soft cheese would equally suffice), sprinkled the radish slices with sea salt and pepper and drizzled a touch of olive oil.

Among my other unplanned purchases, this little guy, a lemon cucumber.


I had to ask about them, and they said that some people eat them like an apple, straight up. I tried that… it had a great crunch.


I think I preferred them sliced.  I can’t say I tasted too much of a difference to a regular cucumber, maybe a little milder. It did add some interest to my salad plate and made for equally good “what’s-in-the-fridge-that-I-can-grab-that-isn’t-fattening” snacks.


24 thoughts on “Farmers’ Market Finds: D’avignon Radishes and Lemon Cucumbers

  1. That looks so fresh,delicious and crunchy. I’ve also never seen a lemon cucumber, even at my local farmer’s market. I’ll have to keep an eye out now.

  2. Although we have our village market 4 days a week… it’s just not the same. I love lemon cucs and french radishes (use to grow both). And love sunchokes creamed as a side to meat.
    Here’s another good seed resource (one of many)-
    Your radish toasts look lovely. Crunchy, creamy, colorful and fresh… all in one bite.

  3. Lemon cucumber!??? This is totally new to me. I have never seen this interesting cucumber before. Love all your pictures and I can’t stop admiring them all 😀

  4. Never heard of either the radishes of the funny looking cucumber!! I would want there to be a slight taste of lemon to that cucumber though!!?? – then it would be perfect for summer drinks 😉 x

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