Failed Attempt at Living with Less

We had a yard sale the other day. Can you believe this guy didn’t get sold? Neither can I.  My husband put up a sign “up ahead on right… treasures GALORE!”, (chutzpah considering it was mostly just crap that we wanted to rid ourselves of).  The pig was at our last yard sale too, when we moved four years ago. He didn’t get any offers then either and had lived in a cardboard box since.

But, but… he’s awesome! He has charm. He has suspenders on… I would totally buy that!“,  I threw up my hands in protest.  Oh wait, I did that once already.  “Tons of our other crap sold, clearly these people have no taste”, I added.

My husband replied  “I think it’s a sign you were meant to be together”.

I’m going to keep it, reluctantly, but the sticker is staying on.

14 thoughts on “Failed Attempt at Living with Less

  1. Look at the evidence tho, Colonel Sanders neck tie, hat at a semi-jaunty angle, a face only a mother could love….he’s perfect! If i was on the dating scene, those would be the boxes i’d tick 😉

    This post really made me laugh by the way, on a train too so shame on you 😉

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