Last weekend we rented a cottage at an old farm-turned-inn property outside of Atlanta called the Inn at Serenbe. A cottage rental was an especially good fit for us with our toddler and dog along. We spent the weekend ambling around the farm, visiting the animals, walking nature trails and checking out the sustainable-living concept community adjacent to it.

hogs’ midday nap under a tree

donkey with a bunny rabbit shadow

The community of Serenbe touts LEED-certified buildings and shops, farm-to-table living (it’s adjacent to a working organic farm), new earthcraft homes with underground trash systems and other environmentally forward-thinking design elements surrounded by untouched and protected green space. We found it to be a little too nice and new for our taste. But we loved the walking trails behind the community and the sprawling farm grounds of the Inn at Serenbe property with its turn-of-the-century restored and renovated farmhouse. It seemed that in all aspects of the property and accommodations they managed to attain a serene rustic elegance and country charm without going anywhere near the ‘country-with-a-‘K’ kitsch’ that is common here in the South.

country cottage with a ‘c’, but I could still see goats out my bathroom window

The Farmhouse restaurant

We ate most of our meals at the Farmhouse restaurant on the property.  The lunch, which is only served on weekends, was by far the best meal we had. The fried chicken, brined and soaked in buttermilk and spices was simply wonderful.  And the chive biscuits in the table bread basket had a touch of saltiness to them that won me over too, leaving me wanting another.  I would return to Serenbe (as in, drive 30 miles) just to have the fried chicken and chive biscuits again someday. (And for those of you keeping score at home ‘Portlandia’ style, yes, the chicken did have friends…) 

29 thoughts on “Serenbe

  1. Country without a K in the south hasn’t been easy for me to find either. This place looks smashing! The donkey photo is a winner. Looking deeper in your blog I found the Babe Ruth post. And the Bob Dylan embroidery post!!!! Perfecto.

  2. This place looks amazing, and your photos are really stunning, as is your whole blog. Thanks for sharing this. We’re currently pondering an opportunity to move to the Atlanta area–now I can add Serenbe to the Plus column. Looking forward to reading future posts.

    • Thank you, It was a lovely place for sure… By the way, there are some cute fabric shops in atlanta if you were wondering… Whipstich has a good blog too, and intown quilters, among others… :):):)

  3. Our week in Atlanta flew by. Didn’t really get to do the eating out I had hoped for but we did make it to Smith’s in Dahlonega… yes it was touristy but all you can eat fried chicken. Good stuff. Maybe could have been a wee bit crispier… but I’m such a critic. I’m going to mark this place for possible family reunion. Thanks and fantastic photos.

    • I guess fried chicken is kinda big here! And now that you are home, is it Spargel Zeit yet? I remember people would invite people over just to eat white asparagus, new potatoes, ham, all drenched in butter… mmm

  4. Beautiful and stunning photos! It makes me want to visit. And that Farmhouse restaurant w/ buttermilk fried chicken? omg! My mouth is watering for that now.

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