Treasure Pocket Pants


Most of my sewing in the past few months has just been a lot of hemming. Yawwwn. I think I have lost some of my sewing mojo.  I signed up last-minute for a workshop to make these cute little treasure pocket pants from the book Sewing for Boys taught by the author, Karen LePage and by Rae Hoekstra, from the popular sewing blog Made by Rae, at Whipstitch fabric shop, in the hopes of sort of breaking up the dry spell. Plus those ladies are like rock stars of the modern sewing world, who wouldn’t want to learn and go make some pants with them, am I right?  Of course! Image

The workshop was abuzz with activity and students. My usual sewing m.o. is slow and deliberate, but there was a lot to accomplish in one sitting.  I won’t sugarcoat it, there was some serious rushing and subsequent seam ripping involved to create those lil’ “prototype” pants seen above. But, they do pass my “good enough for the playground” standard, and more importantly, I had a good time. It was fun to see everyone else’s creations and Rae and Karen were just lovely – great teachers and full of support and tips. Some of my favorite takeaways from the workshop were when Rae explained the use of bias tape for the casing on the elastic pockets (because the pattern piece is curved) and among the many helpful things Karen showed me was how make a faux fly (genius!) and the suggestion that a triple zigzag as a side detail instead of a straight topstitch would look nice (it does!). There are some other really super cool items in the Sewing for Boys book and website worth checking out too.

Here is a picture of my photogenic dog that has nothing to do with treasure pocket pants, but it’s my blog so here I go. Perhaps he’s sad about me losing my sewing mojo.


7 thoughts on “Treasure Pocket Pants

  1. I really wanted to come to this workshop too, but it was a bit far too travel for from England. It sounds like you all had a brilliant afternoon and your treasure pocket pants look great. I love the elmo in the pocket too.

    • Thanks! It was indeed a lot of fun. I guess it is a bit far for the weekend, but I really love how the online modern sewing and blogging community is so friendly, inspiring and generous! I’ve learned so much from other people’s blogs. I like my sewing books, but it’s the blogs that get me going!

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