Take a Look Around, You Might See Something

My husband and I went to a Vivian Maier photography exhibit at a gallery in Atlanta yesterday. You just can’t help but get drawn in by her amazing ability to expose and communicate so much in her photographs and her interesting back story.  A nanny by day, and an avid hobby street photographer, she kept her photographs to herself during her lifetime. Her large collection was discovered in 2009, is posthumously speaking for itself and garnering a lot of attention. Her photographs inspire and remind me to be consciously present and aware.   This blog entry about what we can all learn from her empowers me to use my iPhone and point and shoot camera in more interesting ways.

4 thoughts on “Take a Look Around, You Might See Something

  1. Never heard of her but I’m guessing that’s a common reaction. This looks like a really interesting show, might have to try and make it over during my preschool freedom one afternoon. Thanks for the info!

  2. The backstory is very inspiring. There is a short video documentary on one of those sites explaining how her work was discovered. Definitely work checking that out.

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