Embroidery, Fern Cross-Section

Ferns are one of my favorite plants. I especially like when the tendrils are just starting to unfurl. I was googling them recently and was inspired by this cross section of a fern stem. The stain on this little vascular bundle makes it pop, don’t you think? 

I used 32 gauge floral wire and wrapped embroidery floss around it, a technique I’ve been wanting to try since seeing it on Salley Mavor’s wee folk studio blog. (She is amazing!)  The black circles in the center are memory floss. The floral wire is a little thicker, but I had all my floss colors at my disposal, plus it has more texture and is cheaper. I attached it by carefully widening a hole in the fabric (by inserting and opening my embroidery scissors, though I suppose you could use a needle) and crimping it back once or twice toward the fabric, and anchored it to the linen with a single thread stitching every half-inch or so.

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