Inspiration is Where You Find It

We are in Baltimore for a few days and we got to walk around a bit today. I liked this doorstep- so much industrial texture, with all the circles and dots.

Babe Ruth’s birthplace is two blocks from where we are staying, and today happened to be his birthday, so admission to the house, which is now a museum filled with memorabilia was free. (Happy birthday Babe!) This is a great attitude to have.

I like the little silhouette scene at the bottom of this baseball card.

I had a little silhouette made of my baby by a silhouette artist last year and have since been wondering how cute it would be to have a grouping of them – one of me with maybe a bowl and whisk, one of my husband with his upright bass, and even one of the dog. I like the one I keep noticing in the servant’s quarters on episodes of Downton Abbey too.
The style and sentiment on this book cover delights me, with the negative shadow, the color scheme, and the iconic stance.

3 thoughts on “Inspiration is Where You Find It

  1. Hope you guys enjoyed it up here…and that you stuck to the good side of the city! (I live about 30 mins from Baltimore – I’m up there a lot). =)

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