me do it

I saw this large abstract piece at a beautiful home decor shop in my neighborhood. I almost bought it, but it was cost prohibitive, especially since when I looked at it up close, it didn’t look like it was an original. It is from a textile designer in Los Angeles, for sale in many decor shops and seen in magazines and online. I really hate to be a copycat but my walls need help. I love the texture of the brown craft paper, charcoal and circles!  I love circles.  I figured I’d try to make something for myself and bought a brown organic paper sketch pad, a piece of fat charcoal for two bucks and some special spray to set it ( forget what it’s called right now, but I can let you know if you want to try it out). I grabbed a plate to trace around and had fun on my kitchen floor for the evening. After making loads of triangles ( which I love just as much as the circles), squares and rectangles I taped it up on the wall and liked it there, except it was clear I would need something on a much larger scale, like the one in the shop.

I ordered a big roll of brown craft paper online. I haven’t yet worked on the mega-versions (at least 4 x 6′). I need to set up shop in the cold and damp garage. The dust of the charcoal made cleanup too intensive for my kitchen floor- 3 swiffers and a wet mop again? Nein, danke! I hope to come up with something that won’t look so much like the one I saw in the shop, but that I still love.

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