toddler bucket hat

I had a few fortuitous accidents making this reversible bucket hat. Big shout out to Sew Much Ado for the easy-to-follow tutorial though.  The (free!) pattern was smooth-sailing.

reluctant model

The orginal plan was to make a fisherman or camping style inspired hat with offset patches of robots on the side,  but I overestimated how much visible space would be available on the band, and had to abort that version half-way through construction. It’s just as well, because I realized after cutting the pieces that the hat needed to be bigger for my little guy’s noggin anyways.  The pattern is for a 19 inch/ 2T-3T size, but a commenter logically pointed out, “add a 1/4″ for every inch larger than 19″,   so I added 1/2” to the width of the crown and to the brim pieces.  I cut squares out from my already-appliqued prototype, hand stitched the dashed outline with embroidery floss, and raggedly machine zig-zagged those linen squares onto my larger version. I used wonder-under, but linen still likes to fray a little, which gives it a  bit of a ‘lived-in’ look I suppose. I wonder if it would fray even more “nicely” if I used a straight stitch some other time.   There are a few other ‘irregularities’ that I shall not point out, but, I think the ‘my mama made it’ aesthetic will do just fine.

Lucky for me I got to use some of the lovely new linen/cotton fabric from designer Rashida Coleman-Hale who I met last week at Intown quilters.  Her book, I heart patchwork is a delicious read for us texture-happy and neutrals-loving crafters. Alas, I “heart” linen, too…

very cute ‘cute bots’ on the reverse

2 thoughts on “toddler bucket hat

  1. Jodi,
    This hat is so cute! I may have to make a couple of these when my nephews get a little older! I was good to meet you the other day. I really like your blog. I will add it to my blogroll as soon as I figure out how! Hope to see you soon!

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