little scrap bucket

You would think I only do sewing projects from online tutorials. I own a stack of cool sewing books which I cherish, use as reference and love to peruse while lounging, but for some reason the discovery of a new thing with juicy pics showing me just how to do it, usually with comments or links to others who have done it too, is what really entices to get off my butt and get sewing.

Found this fun little quickie project on Whipstitch’s always interesting blog and had fun grabbing materials I had on-hand and just jumping in. I used some heavy linen and stiff sew-in fusible, which was a little testy when I was trying to turn the project out, but hey, it’s what I had, and it turned out nice and stiff.  I think I may try one with some fusible fleece, as was suggested,  should I find some. Several projects that have caught my eye recently including a messenger bag, require it.

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