tail of the dragon

A quick stitch project– love those!  It felt nice to start and finish an entire project in one evening after the lil’ tornado had gone to bed. The tail will be packed up and sent to a friend tomorrow as part a facebook ‘pay it forward’ chain post that went around at the beginning of the year. I responded to someone’s post and will receive something handmade in 2011, and in return I promise to send something handmade to each of the first five friends that responded to my post, and so on.  One of the friends who had responded to the chain recently posted a link, saying she wished she had the time to learn to sew to make one of these for her son, so it made the decision of what to make for her very easy!

The tutorial for this velcro belted dragon tail, from running with scissors, is really easy to follow. I did, however, add some light interfacing to my tail to give the lightweight cotton I used a little more body, and I choose a blue canvas for the spikes, as I thought it might make them stand up a little better. That seemed to work, however it made ‘turning’ the spikes inside out, once sewn, a little more cumbersome. Honestly, I think just a single strip of felt, as the blog post mentioned (no sewing required!) might be the way to go if I ever make another dragon tail.

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