Chenille Blanket

Finally finished up making an heirloom chenille blankie my sewing buddy Sara suggested to me several months ago (thanks Sara!). The word ‘heirloom’ seems a little over the top for something I just made, but that is the term for it, when you make the fringy part yourself. If you haven’t done this technique before, in a nutshell, you sew several layers of flannel to your quilt top, sewing straight, diagonal lines and then cut between those straight lines, launder, and voila, the fraying does its magic.  I had a lot of fun making it, especially cutting the chenille with the chenille cutter. I’d definitely recommend getting one of these, lest you hope to acquire carpal tunnel anytime soon from massive amounts of cutting. Useful tutorials like this and this, made the process even more enjoyable. Love those photo tutes.

I took another sewing friend’s advice and decided to give the blanket’s first wash and dry at a laundromat, for fear that the amount of lint from my lowly Hancock 2-dollar flannel might be too much for my own dryer.

If I had to do it all over again, I would layer my flannel colors differently. It seems like white is the main color and I think I would have preferred the blue or pink instead, and I think four layers would be even better than three.

3 thoughts on “Chenille Blanket

  1. Beautiful! I’m so jealous that you have time for fun projects! I’m just going to sew vicariously through you from now on. 😉

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