love me some corduroy

…and baby boys in corduroy are even better. I’ve made a few other pairs of baby pants, they are a nice, easy “after baby goes to bed-whip something up” project (love those). Threading the elastic through to make a waistband is the only part that requires any patience.  If you have a safety pin and leave a little wiggle room in your casing you’ll keep your sanity. Other things I learned along the way: the time to add pockets or knee pads or other details are you before you begin to the sew the pants.  You can buy a pattern,  from made by Rae, (so adorable!), but there is a simple free pattern here, or this great tutorial which just traces around a pair of pants you already have. This time I did a combination of the latter two choices, both using a pattern and altering it according to well-fitting pants we already had.

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