felt ornaments

Looking dapper today, Mr. Fox.

Made some ornaments to bring to an ornament swap. First time sewing on felt, here’s what I learned: Felt is forgiving. Felt and embroidery thread are super cheap. The french knot is a “money” stitch.  If you are not good at hand-stitching yet, use coordinating thread, if you are good, use a contrasting one.  If you want a more professional look, order wool felt online, otherwise, the Michael’s cheapie 29 cent sheets (that’s what I used) will do just fine. This photo tutorial by Heather Bailey on quickly and efficiently knotting a thread is easy and so very cool.  If you don’t do it already, it’ll rock your (hand sewing) world. And as my sewing buddy Sarah told me, it looks better if you don’t pull the thread tightly (Thanks Sarah!).

Although the winter critter portraits from Fa la la felt are my favorites, the guitars were the most fun because I made the pattern myself, inspired by some I saw elsewhere. The question is what to use the remaining felt for, dare I try my hand at some softies?

One thought on “felt ornaments

  1. I made some felt ornaments this year too. The great thing about felt & hand sewing is that it’s a great holiday craft for kids, I had my Pumpkin make a few ornaments with me. Your guitars are really cute, my nephew would love them… maybe I’ll make him an felt electric guitar ornament!

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