thank you, kind souls

This is the first post about something that I haven’t made myself, but it touched me so much I wanted to share my gratitude.  A handmade quilt and blanket were given to our son in a hospital while he was recovering from surgery relating to his achondroplasia dwarfism a few weeks ago. (No worries, he’s fine and is back to his ole’ adorably cute self now.)  I’ve heard of groups before who make blankets, or colorful pillowcases for kids in hospitals. I never imagined I’d ever be on the receiving end but I can tell you, it warms your heart to see that someone you’ve never met has bestowed a handmade gift, wishing your child well (and who thought about it helping the parents!), wanting to help make your situation better in some small way.  I draped the quilt over the side of his crib bed and it added a splash of color and brightened  an otherwise colorless palette.  And the super-soft, hand-tied blanket that a kind soul from project linus donated, kept him cozy throughout his 4-day stay. So, yes, if you ever do donate your work, whoever receives it, uses it and feels the wave of kindness.

2 thoughts on “thank you, kind souls

  1. What a wonderful post! Im so glad your son is doing well after his surgery and that the quilt helped to brighten his time at the hospital. Its so heartwarming to hear that it made a difference for you during a tough time, Im sure thats exactly what the person who made it was hoping for!

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