first sewing pattern – conquered!

If there were sewing pattern police out there somewhere, I’m sure they would have come and arrested me! I’m probably not even aware of some of the offenses I’ve committed… When I first opened the McCall’s pattern package (on sale for two dollars, woo hoo), I sat for a very long time at the dinner table, just staring at the huge pieces of papers, like a deer caught in headlights.  After awhile I decided that if I tried to plow through step by step and failed miserably, I reserved the right to just hop on over to Target and buy a costume and pretend like this never happened.  I had to rip a few seams along the way, but it was very enjoyable to watch it evolve.  And I liked that I could alter things along the way to fit my baby’s short arms and juicy legs and make the headpiece a little roomier too.  The burlap treat tote was a last minute stitch-up, stenciled with a sharpie.

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