woobie v. 1.0

I’m taking an online e-course about knits. One of the first things we did was make a sampler to check out which stitches and settings work best. Shortly after starting on my sampler, my sewing machine started eating fabric…  I found myself removing the face plate over and over again, and digging the knit fabric out and getting mighty frustrated with those knits and my machine. Even after readjusting settings though, I could tell something was wrong.  I tried to fixing the machine myself and subsequently wanted to throw it out the window. So, I took it in for it’s first repair, just eight months after purchase. Apparently something with the timing was off.  Hmm. I really didn’t think I put enough hours on my machine, for it to need a tune-up yet. Anyhoo, it is now back at home, we are on speaking terms again and I am back up and running.

So… working with knits. This blanket was made with interlock, it’s light and cozy and it was a quick project. What I’m learning so far is that knits are slippery and stretchy and shrink A LOT.  The amount of fabric I bought for the project once washed shrunk so much, that I had to make my blanket way smaller than originally planned. If I see some cool interlock on sale sometime, I’d like to make another one about a foot bigger.

6 thoughts on “woobie v. 1.0

  1. I think this looks adorable! I so admire your bravery in attempting Knits! They still make me too nervous to touch! Great job, Jodi! (and what a cute picture of Alex!)

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