apple pie x 2

I can be somewhat of a purist with some things, and when I think of apple pie, I normally wouldn’t look for an interesting new recipe. It doesn’t need a makeover, or any fancy new additions, just a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  And I prefer a double crust pie to a streusel’ed pie. But seeing as I’d been drooling over the October issue of Bon Appetit by my bedside all week long, with its entire section devoted to all things maple, and had been invited somewhere, I thought I’d give the recipe for maple walnut apple pie a whirl.  I made a regular apple pie as a sort of a “control” to bring along too though. I really thought I’d enjoy the regular apple pie better, but was pleasantly surprised. Streusel maple apple kicked regular apple pie’s butt to the curb really. There was depth of flavor with the sweet maple sugar and the unusual addition of coriander, and the walnuts played a small but supporting earthy role. The golden delicious apples were mild and sweet, playing along well with the others, and held their shape. Only thing I changed in the recipe was to chop my walnuts more finely than stated, as I wanted them to be part of the streusel, and not have any real bite.

The purist in me would've chosen the left one, but next to the trendy ingredient apple pie, it tasted kind of dull.

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