bottle leashes

Baby now knows about gravity and thinks it’s pretty funny, so these bottle buddy/toy leashes will be of use. I had especially wanted to make them with laminated cotton, because I figure it will likely get all gunked up at some point. That fabric proved to be difficult to keep in line, but somehow I managed. As you may notice, the instructions below do not use laminiated fabric,  because when I worked with it, it was neither fun nor pretty. I used a bone folder to try to crease it and hair clips to keep it together, since I didn’t want to use pins, and my machine almost downright refused to sew through what was at one point six layers of laminate. (I used a teflon foot, which worked fine overall though).  The second leash I made with normal cotton, and it was an easy, quick and delightful process. The amount of velcro listed will fit a small 4 oz bottle, an 8 oz bottle, most sippy cups, or a small take-along toy. Note that you only use a measly 4 inches of fabric for this. Might make a nice addition to a shower gift basket…


fabric: one 22 and 1/2 ” strip x 4″ wide, and one 12 1/4 ” x 4′ wide strip of fabric

Velcro:  slightly less than one inch wide ( I  used 7/8 “) velcro- The hook part should be 2  and 1/4″  long and the looped part should be 4 ” long.

D-ring: the inside of which should be 1 inch wide

Press both strips in half lengthwise, open and press both sides in toward the center crease. Press center crease closed again. Fold over the ends 1/2 ” on all ends except on one end of the long strips (it will be hidden when attached to the short strap) and press.  This is a good time to check to see if your d-ring fits, before proceeding.

Layout your strips in an” L”, fold the long strap 5 inches over to form a loop “handle” you will sew, mark with chalk.

Pin both velcro pieces in place right next the end of the short strap: The hooked piece goes closest to the edge and place the looped piece right next to it.

Sew a  1/4″ seam along the outside edges of the straps, this will include sewing over the velcro to attach it.

Sew the loop handle where you marked the chalk on your long strap.

Place the D-ring at the non-velcro edge of the short strap (velcro side down) and sandwich the unfinished edge of the long strap in between. Triple stitch the loop closed making sure that the long strap is included.

A couple more stitches across towards the d-ring could be added for extra security if you like.

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