craft swap

What an interesting idea. I went to a craft swap yesterday hosted by local fabric shop Whipstitch, who gave instructions to bring a bag of scraps, a bag of notions, and a yard of fabric from our stash. After breaking the ice with some cookies and chit-chat, we all drew numbers, rifled through our new-old stuff and got to see what everybody else got too. I’ll be honest.  One man’s junk is sometimes another man’s junk too, but there was a lot of inspiration to go around, especially if you were open-minded. I had fun. What I found even more fun though, was the after-swappage: unwanted things were placed in the middle of the table and then people took whatever what interested them. It was, of course, really great to meet and talk with a bunch of fellow sewists too!

I came home with lots of different textures   – blue wool, white fur, flowery flannel, orange denim, piping big enough for dinosaur pillows and, even against my better judgement, grabbed some home dec swatches.

I hope those home dec swatches will encourage me to take a stab at making a trendy pillow similar to one I saw just the other day at a home furnishings store.  What will become of the other items is still TBD, but they all appeal to me, so hopefully I’ll put them to good use.


2 thoughts on “craft swap

  1. Ooh, I love that pebbly pillow! And I have a ton of swatches lying around (one of my best friends works at a furniture store, so I get all of the discontinued swatches.) I might make one, too, although I’ll probably cheat and use my embroidery machine to applique the pieces. 😉

  2. The swap was a great time! It was so nice to meet you, its funny what a small world it is isnt it? My husband couldnt believe all the stuff I came home with, Im looking forward to experimenting with some of it soon!

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