baby’s birthday bunting

I do believe I’ve caught the bunting bug! I referred to this and this tutorial, but I made mine double-sided, (the other side without lettering) so we can use it again for any reason. I used a Helvetica 3″ stencil to trace the letters (backwards) onto the back of some wonder-under fused onto the wrong side of the blue fabric. After fusing the letter to the triangle, I straight-stitched the applique instead of a zig-zagging, as I don’t think I will be laundering the bunting (Let’s hope that first piece of cake doesn’t go flying!).  I put some light-weight pellon on the other piece of fabric for some body, before putting the two triangles together. Topstitching finished them off nicely.

When I was making the continuous bias tape I was surprised how much you get from such a small piece of fabric.  Out of a 1/2 yard of fabric, I made my strips 3 and 3/4 inches wide. This yielded well over 14 feet of double fold, 1-inch wide bias tape. That’s over 4 and a half yards!

Once I was finished, my husband pointed out that I should have his name on there too. After doing the thirteen triangles, I was able to quickly crank out a few more of those suckers and made a mini-banner to hang beside it. I think I may have trouble NOT appliqueing things, now that I know how. That onesie  is now a “onesie!”,  and might have a racecar on its leg soon…


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