cherries on sale

I was looking for a clafoutis recipe and ran into this recipe for a brown butter cherry tart adapted from Bon Appetit on Smitten Kitchen. I’ve never made a brown butter tart with summer fruit before. The brown butter adds a more complex, nutty flavor to the cherries. Although it looks quite rustic like clafoutis, its more sophisticated.  The crust was easy – no mixer and no rolling out. But brown butter needs babysitting though, as it can go from brown to burnt just like that [insert snap finger sound], and the tart while baking needed some tending to, as it got color quickly and I needed to lower the temp and cover it with foil. So I will change the original recipe slightly to reflect that. I used a tart pan with removable bottom and cut the tart into bars to make it more accessible for the pool party I’m going to tommorow. In another setting, one could serve a slice with cherry sauce, vanilla bean ice cream, and maybe a glass of port wine.

soft but not gooey filling

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