puffy zip pouch


I dig the poof.

Elle from Whipstitch showed me how to make this. It has light interfacing attached to the layers to help give it body and a hidden zipper to keep it sleek.  I’ll have to make another soon or I might forget how I made it.

4 thoughts on “puffy zip pouch

  1. What a fantastic little bag! Id like to make one too but maybe in some of the coated cotton they have at Whipstitch. How was it to make?

  2. I got to do things I hadn’t done before like use an invisible zipper and interfacing, so I enjoyed it. My guess is once you make a couple of these, you could knock them out a lot quicker than I did this one.
    Here’s the link to the tutorial, so you can check it out.
    I wonder how the coated cotton behaves/ if you can/or can’t press it….

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