zipper sammiches

first attempt at zippered pouch.

I got the instructions for these little zippered pouches from a photo tutorial on Skip to my Lou‘s blog.  I love photo tutorials.  At this point, without them, I get a little lost. It didn’t come out perfect, but okay for a first try.  I think using vinyl or the water-resistant rip-stop fabric that I used in the last tote would be good for the inside, especially if it were to be a makeup pouch.

I really wanted to use some hot pink piping with this green polka dot fabric I like. I think I bit off a bit more than I could chew… it didn’t line up perfectly with all the extra bulk. Did I mention I just started sewing very recently? Yeah… so it’s still usable, but kind of a a failure.  Also, another lesson learned when I showed it to my sewing instructor, she mentioned that is no need to EVER buy seven-inch zippers again, can always shorten them.

The ever-observant Petie-dog thinks it'd still make a splendid treat-pouch.

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