human tote bag factory

koi pond print tote

The above market tote is from the book The New Handmade.  The picture in the book made it look larger than it is. But I like the fact that it is boxy, and has a supported bottom. I had hubby Jeff cut me a piece of artist board (to insert in the bottom) similar to the book board the project called for. I also like that the lining called for using vinyl. The nearest fabric store ( Hancock – blech!) only had some really bad tablecloth vinyl, so I used rip-stop, a thin white slippery water-resistant fabric, that seems to be doing the trick, because I’ve already spilt some baby bottled milk in there and it is no worse for wear. The canvas straps are 2 inches wide, which is okay, but I think I’d prefer to use a bit thinner ones next time. I did triple-stitch them so they’d be sturdy.

summer totes from the blog sew mama sew

These three totes are all the same really, from the summer classic tote tutorial on Sew Mama Sew‘s blog. I want to commit the instructions to memory, as it was easy and you didn’t need a lining, as the instructions called for using a (hidden) french seam. That saved fabric. And since home dec is more expensive usually, that’s good!  My favorite one is the green polka dotted one.

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