cloth baby blocks

Found these on londonmummy‘s site (luckily there was a tutorial) and thought they’d make a cute gift for a friend’s baby.   They are easy to make, but since I’m pretty new to sewing, I thought it might be good to shoot my own photo tutorial for future reference.

You will need six  4×4 inch squares of fabric, and fiberfill for stuffing per block.

Draw lines 1/2 inch in on the wrong side of the fabric of each square. The place where the lines cross will be your stopping and starting points, so make them visible.

This is how the block will be constructed, start by sewing the the four inner squares where they touch each other.

Take your first two squares, pin them right sides together, and sew one line, starting and ending where the lines cross. Back stitch to secure your stitches at each end.

Proceed to attach another square…

and the fourth square.

Next, attach the two side squares to the sides.

It should look like this. This is a good time to press seams.

Next, proceed to attach each adjacent square to one another.

Here’s how it looks…

as your inside-out cube…

comes together…

until you just have the top to attach.

Sew each adjacent side to each other until you have just one side left.

Press those two seams where you haven’t sewn yet,  this will make it easier when you hand sew the last little bit later after it is stuffed.

Machine sew an inch or so on each side towards the center, back-tacking to secure the stitches, leaving a big enough hole to turn inside out and stuff.

At this point I used my pinking shears on all but the final seam, but this is optional.

Turn inside out… if you have a  point turner, you could push those corners out nicely, but its not neccessary.

Stuff nice and full with the fiberfill and hand slipstitch the small opening closed.

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