learning to sew…

I bought a sewing machine a few weeks ago!  I got a Brother project runway edition model. I did a lot of research and hemmed and hawed a bunch first about which kind to get, but ended up just going with the consumer reports pick.  I’ve always wanted to learn how to sew, but it must be something about the new baby/nesting urge, that pushed me over the edge. I was like, “And, I can sew Halloween costumes!!!” – totally buzzed with all sorts of crafty notions and doors that would be opening. I am taking beginner sewing classes at a lovely local fabric shop Whipstitch, which is also a nice chance for some  new mom night-out, me-therapy.

Here is our first real project: a picnic placemat. Now, I know I am never going to need a placemat on a picnic.  I’m just not seeing that happenin. Soooo, the last couple of stitches made it into a nice little diaper caddy for the diaper bag. It’s especially fitting, as it has little sock-monkey butts all over it. We learned to make bias tape to finish the edges.

cookie monster looks perplexed holding an apple.

rolled up

4 thoughts on “learning to sew…

  1. Jodi! We need a Mommy sewing date! You can help refresh me, our babies can play, and I’ll feed you 🙂 I have been fighting the urge to buy fabric till I had a real project (and a machine) but after seeing all your fun projects, I am itching to get started!

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